Olga has been the Managing Partner of O2 Consulting since day one. In 2006, Olga took up the position of Vice President and Head of the global legal practice at the consulting firm AGA MANAGEMENT, becoming a partner in 2008. Following a restructuring of 2010, the company led by Ms Sorokina continued under the O2 Consulting brand.

Olga has practised law for over 20 years now, specialising in cross-border transactions, including international taxation and corporate laws of foreign countries, international structuring and investment support. 

Since she joined 02 Consulting, Olga has implemented a significant number of projects in retail, development, finance, mining, telecommunications, agriculture, production and IT sectors. In the business community, Ms Sorokina is known as a leading specialist in asset protection, comprehensive international transaction structuring and support, where, in addition to acting as a legal advisor, she plays the role of negotiator. Olga has unique skills in conducting constructive dialogues, finding out-of-the-box solutions and novel approaches, and ultimately reaching a compromise even between diametrically opposite positions. Ms Sorokina also supervises the work of the Swiss family office, which is part of the O2 Consulting structure, engaging in transactions with personal assets and providing tax and legal advice to private clients.


Best Lawyers, 2022 – Lawyer of the Year
Best Lawyers, 2022 – Tax Law
Best Lawyers, 2022 – FinTech Practice
Kommersant , 2021 – Individual rating of lawyers, Retail and trade, FMCG, Intellectual Property, Digital economy / FinTech
Best Lawyers, 2021 – FinTech Practice
Best Lawyers, 2021 – Tax Law
The Legal 500, Russia, 2020 – Individual rating in the Private client sector
The Legal 500, Russia, 2020 – Individual rating in the Tax sector
Pravo 300, 2020 – Individual rating (recommended lawyers): Digital economy, TMT
The Legal 500, Russia, 2019 – Individual rating in the direction of Private client
The Legal 500, Russia, 2019 – Individual rating in the direction of TMT
The Legal 500, Russia, 2019 – Individual rating in the Tax sector
Pravo 300, 2019 – Individual rating (recommended lawyers): Digital economy, TMT, Corporate Law / Mergers and Acquisitions
The Legal 500, Russia, 2018 – Individual rating


Olga graduated with distinction from Moscow State Law Academy, specialising in International Law, and successfully completed a course in International Law at Indiana University (USA). She has authored manyd publications in the printed media, appearing on the pages of glossy magazines and business media, and has spoken at multiple conferences and business forums.

Olga is an extraordinary person, who has been able to maintain a perfect balance between a successful career in business and a family, raising eight children.






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selected projects

  • Transaction support and devising a tax structure for sale of MSQRD, one of the most popular applications, to Facebook Inc.

  • Supporting the transaction for purchase of a controlling interest in Foaminvest (owner of the ISOCOM brand) by NMC SA (the world’s leading producer of synthetic expanded foam materials)

  • Supporting the merger of Regstaer, a leading duty-free retailer, and Dufry AG, a global leader in the travel retail industry

  • Corporate and tax structuring for Prisma Labs, Inc - owner of the highly popular Prisma app; legal support for Prisma’s several investment rounds, developing a set of documents to structure shareholder relations and a framework for protecting the company’s intellectual property

  • Developing and deploying a global corporate structure, IP ownership and use structure, and a structure of licence relations for a group that owns an IT service platform operating on the markets of the USA, UK, Ireland and a number of other countries. Advising on the regulations of payment systems and financial organisations in the USA

  • Providing legal support for investment rounds, including direct investment and ICO, for a group specialising in financing construction of solar power stations

  • Creating an international corporate structure and tax model for an investment holding for development project management

  • Developing a holding structure and financing framework for a leading developer of the Southern Federal District - A2 group

  • Restructuring the business of Golfstream group, which develops, assembles and services security systems, including development and approval of a new tax model and cash & commodity flow structure

  • Developing ownership and property protection structures for a group that owns pulp-and-paper production facilities

  • Developing ownership and management structures for and conducting the restructuring of a top-100 Russian bank that is a subsidiary of a foreign finance group

  • Restructuring and implementing a tax model for a Russia’s leading IT integrator

  • Developing an international corporate holding structure for ownership and management of assets belonging to a Kazakhstan-based financial and industrial group

  • Reorganising and structuring the business of a diversified holding company trading in medical equipment

  • Developing an optimal corporate and tax structure for several private equity funds and venture funds in the Cayman Islands and Jersey jurisdictions; legal support for setting up funds

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