The World Economic Forum 2020


«I strongly believe that an effective mechanism of dispute resolution is vital to the future health of cross-border trade and investments,» said Olga Sorokina, the managing partner of O2Consulting, at a World Economic Forum session devoted to effective resolution of disputes and corporate conflicts in the Caspian region. The session brought together eminent arbitrators, lawyers and legal counsels from five countries — the UK, USA, Switzerland, Russia and Ukraine. Olga was invited to the session as an expert in the field of M&A transactions with extensive experience in the region’s cross-border transactions.

The Davos World Economic Forum (WEF) is the main international economic event of the year and a meeting place for the world’s political and business elite. O2Consulting participated for the forth time. We are grateful to the organizers of the forum for showing appreciation of our expertise and giving us the opportunity to participate and speak at the forum on a key theme of international relations together with prominent businessmen, politicians, academics and public figures.

«It was a great honor for me to speak at this important world event, especially considering that the session was held as part of the Caspian week, a very popular and well-visited event held within the framework of the forum. We have a lot of interesting experience in the region, and I am very glad that we can talk about it not only within professional conferences, but also at such large-scale events as the forum in Davos.

«For me personally, the forum is more than just a meeting place for icons of politics and business. It is a place where new global ideas are exchanged, new trends emerge. It is like an annual business recharge that provides one with ideas for implementation and helps see the shape of things to come in the coming year,» said Olga Sorokina.

This year Inna Perelekhova, head of the Family Office, joined Olga Sorokina as the conference delegate. Inna thanks the Swiss-Russian Chamber of Commerce and Roscongress agency, the sponsors of the Russian House in Davos, for the invitation to speak at the forum. «The Davos forum is by far the biggest event of the year and a great platform for formal events and informal meetings to exchange ideas and discuss the most pressing issues of the day with top business people, an opportunity to make a name for oneself and gain a lot of important information,» said Inna. She considered the invitation of the company to participate as the sign of professional recognition and said she (together with other colleagues) was proud that O2Consulting was the only law firm operating in Russia, which was given the opportunity to speak at the WEF.

You can find more personal impressions and other news from the WEF on personal pages of @Inna Perelekhova and @Olga Sorokina

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