Results of the consulting services market listing for Private Capital


In times of serious challenges Право.ги published the results of the study, on the basis of which a list of law firms was compiled that support the interests of wealthy private clients both in Russia and in foreign jurisdictions.

We are pleased to announce that our specialists provide services in all the top 5 most popular jurisdictions (Cyprus, UK, Switzerland, USA and UAE).

Moreover, according to the study Право.ги in 2022, the jurisdictions of Armenia, Kazakhstan and Georgia are gaining particular popularity, in which our company also provides its services!

O2Consulting has been supporting the interests of wealthy individuals (HNWI/UHNWI) for more than 15 years and has extensive experience in implementing projects both in Russia and around the world, and the presence of foreign offices (Switzerland, Cyprus, Belarus, Kazakhstan, UAE) and licensed employees admitted to practice in foreign countries, only increases the benefits for our customers!

Join the study of the full version of the listing of consulting companies and stay tuned with us.

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