Opening a new office in Cyprus


O2 Consulting continues its rapid development and growth. To our well-established offices in Moscow (Russia), Zurich (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), and Minsk (Belarus) we have added a band new one - in Nicosia (Cyprus).

At our business breakfast today, we have announced this happy event in the O2 Consulting life. This event have attracted a diverse pool of attendees from regulatory bodies and banks to our long-term partners and friends. We are particularly grateful to our clients who have managed to attend our business breakfast and who have wished us well in a new stage of our life!

During the course of the event, we were pleased to introduce a range of new services that O2 Consulting started to provide and discussed current trends on global exchange of information and de-offshorization, unification of rules and practices in investment and banking as well as respective business opportunities for clients.

This is just one of the first milestones of our global plan on how to constantly improve our services and exceed our clients’ expectations. The next one is right on its way and we will be happy to share it!

Пожалуйста, поверните ваше устройство в вертикальное положение