On November 21, the Demo Day of the first M.Accelerator experimental stream will take place, organized by the professional community of entrepreneurs and investors Mesto.

On Demo Day participants will present their projects in front of potential investors and experts. The top 5 projects will receive a wild card - a ticket to a full-fledged accelerator program.
Alice Eremina, CEO of o2startup and lawyer of O2Consulting, will be a member of the jury of the event and an expert in legal support of projects in the field of IT and high technologies. Together with other members of the jury, Alice will evaluate projects and decide which projects will receive a wild card. In addition to Alice, Nikolay Davydov, Vladislav Zdorenko and many other successful entrepreneurs and investors will also be on the jury.

We invite you to join the Demo Day broadcast today (December 21) at 21:00 via the link

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